YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE THIS: Here’s What Your Favorite 80s Fitness Stars Look Like Now

Paula Abdul – Back In the 80s

Paula Abdul started on her path to fame as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers. In the 80s, when spandex and fitness were peaking, Abdul went head-first into the music and choreography scene. She released a couple of albums that did really well, then she eventually found choreography work with the Jacksons. That’s right, already in the 80s, she was super high profile.

Image: CelebPoster

When it comes to 80s fitness, Abdul is a little bit of a late bloomer, to be honest. After making big waves in the pop choreography sphere, she decided to try her luck with working out. In the early 90s, she released her workout debut, titled Paula Abdul’s Get Up and Dance! The video was sort of a mix between hip hop and working out, but it got major attention in the fitness world, and soon propelled her to superstar status.

Paula Abdul – Today

Well, where is Ms. Abdul today? After her big workout and dance break she enjoyed in the 90s, she made her way to become an esteemed judge on American Idol. Wait, back up a decade. We forgot to mention: she won a Grammy and five MTV Video Music Awards for her music endeavors! Yeah, she’s a real superstar.

Image: Twitter / PaulaAbdul

Abdul was married a couple of times, but then subsequently got divorced after a couple of years each time. Ok, back to the 2000s. So, after her American Idol stint, she returned to music. We don’t quite know why, but it seems that to a large degree, she left her spandex days behind her in the early 1990s. Too bad – those vibes were awesome. As of today, Abdul resides in Las Vegas and does various forms of performance work there.

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