YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE THIS: Here’s What Your Favorite 80s Fitness Stars Look Like Now

Bess Motta – Back In the 80s

First of all, cool name girl. Most celebs with cool names turn out to have chosen them as their professional aliases, but not Motta. It seems that this is her actual name. Anyhow, Motta is often credited for the birth of TV aerobics. She is one of the first pioneers responsible for making TV fitness videos a thing, as she popularized the much-fabled 20 Minute Workout series.

Image: Twitter / BessMotta

At some point in the early 80s, she traveled to England, and when she came back, she realized, to her great dismay, that she had gained 30 pounds. This prompted her to go headfirst into fitness. She got so into it that she became a fitness advocate and started producing videos. The videos went wild, and she got huge (in the celebrity sense). Although at a lower key, she has also done some acting work, appearing, for example, in a small role in The Terminator.

Bess Motta – Today

These days, Bess Motta is still busy, and she’s still in remarkably good shape. Just hit up her Instagram for a quick browsing session and you’ll see tons of pictures of her working out. We don’t know if she has a gym in her house but in a lot of photos, she’s riding workout bikes, or doing the plank on some other machine.

Image: Facebook / Bess Motta

Reliable information on Motta in 2020 is a little scarce, but through a few solid sources we’re able to weave some more things together. She doesn’t do any acting anymore, but a few years ago she appeared on Ken Reid’s TV Guidance Counselor Podcast. Also, rumor has it, and Instagram substantiates it, that she has taken up cosplay as a hobby. But don’t quote us on that!

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