YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE THIS: Here’s What Your Favorite 80s Fitness Stars Look Like Now

Richard Simmons – Back In the 80s

If we had a dictionary featuring an entry called “American fitness personality” you would find a picture of a smiling Richard Simmons beside it. He’s the definition of classic. Simmons comes from very modest beginnings; working at restaurants in L.A. After grinding away in the service industry for a while, he developed a passion for fitness. He notes that during the 70s, fitness centers had a bias for favoring the already-fit customer.

Image: The Guardian

The perceived bias left him feeling that there was not enough attention given to people who are totally out of shape, who in some ways, need help the most. He opened a studio called “The Anatomy Asylum”, where through his workouts, he emphasized healthy eating and mutual support. His health club began to draw major attention, and he was subsequently featured in a bunch of programs. And then, almost all of a sudden, he became a star!

Richard Simmons – Today

Simmons gained critical acclaim through his outstandingly positive workout videos, his successful studios, and his Emmy Award-winning show, The Richard Simmons Show. Since then, throughout the 90s and early 2000s, he made numerous appearances as himself on TV series. They included shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Saturday Night Live.

Images: Vox

It’s a little hard to know what’s up with Richard Simmons precisely today because he made a retreat from public life in 2014. Some speculation that eventually lent itself to outlandish theories started swirling around in 2016. One crazy theory was that his housekeeper was holding him hostage. Concerns were allayed when he posted a message on Facebook saying that he was fine, but just a little under the weather recently. We hope he’s fine now!

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