YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE THIS: Here’s What Your Favorite 80s Fitness Stars Look Like Now

Raquel Welch – Back In the 80s

Raquel Welch is one of those classic American sweetheart types. In 1966, she played in Fantastic Voyage, where she caught the attention of Hollywood. Subsequently, she was approached by 20th Century Fox and was offered a juicy contract. For the better part of two decades, she was making huge waves in Hollywood, and then the 80s came, and things got even wilder.

Image: Listal

By 1984, the workout craze was in full effect and spandex was already ubiquitous. This was the glorious year in which Raquel released The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program. The whole package included a book and a series of workout videos. The book was successful, but the videos were a smash-hit, going Multi-Platinum. Game on.

Raquel Welch – Today

In the late 90s, the spandex was hung up and the fitness outbreak was contained (yes we know, speaking in pathology terms is frisky these days), but Raquel Welch didn’t lose momentum. In the early 2000s, Raquel starred in American Family and she also played a supporting role in Legally Blond alongside Reese Witherspoon.

Image: UK News

Today, Welch is 79 years old and she’s still not quite retired. In 2017, she appeared in the sitcom Date My Dad. She doesn’t work out too extensively or intensely anymore, but she still looks fantastic! We guess all of those years of working our and tight spandex really do have something to do with preserving your youth.

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