YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE THIS: Here’s What Your Favorite 80s Fitness Stars Look Like Now

Rosemary Conley – Back In the 80s

Recall the fabled Rosemary Conley, writer of the famous The Hip & Thigh Diet. In the mid-70s, Conley decided she wanted to get fit and lose some weight. She started working out, and she was able to crush her goals, getting super fit, and losing a ton of weight. She really enjoyed the whole process, so much so, in fact, that inspiration struck her like a bolt of lightning.

Image: The Times & The Sunday Times

In her native Britain, she started running an evening fitness class, calling it Slimming & Good Grooming Club. The endeavor was highly successful, so she decided to open more clubs. They were a hit. By now, she was gaining international attention in the fitness world. In 1988, she compiled all the fitness and nutrition lessons she learned and released the book (The Hip & Thigh Diet). Spontaneous combustion! She sold tons of copies and became a star.

Rosemary Conley – Today

Following the major success of her fitness clubs and her book, Conley went on to become a consultant with the retailer Marks & Spencer, helping them to develop and market their line of healthy food products. During that time, she also continued to expand her own brand, founding Rosemary Conley Diet And Fitness Clubs.

Image: GoodtoKnow

Today, Conley is 73, and still active, but she has delegated much of the management of her franchise to successors. Online, she still always gives advice and discusses fitness and nutrition, helping millions across the globe get and stay fit. She doesn’t mess around; visit her website and you’ll be flooded with sharp exclamations designed to help you on your fitness journey, such as “Leaving food on your plate is ok!”

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