YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE THIS: Here’s What Your Favorite 80s Fitness Stars Look Like Now

Derrick Evans – Back In the 80s

Jamaican-born British fitness instructor and television personality, Derrick Evans, spent a great deal of the 80s cultivating his fitness-fanaticism. He eventually found popular success in the 90s, having appeared on the popular British morning show GMTV. His dynamic personality and interactive role on the show saw him earning the nickname he was better known by, Mr. Motivator.

Image: The Sun

Viewers of the show were invited to ask him for tips or advice. But perhaps he is most remembered for his extra colorful an extra tight-fitting outfits, that fans will remember from his numerous workout and fitness videos. He was a real personality throughout the 90s on the fitness circuit.

Derrick Evans – Today

Now, at 67 years old, Mr. Motivator hasn’t slowed down yet. He actually had a bit of a break throughout the 90s, where he stepped out of the public eye. But in 2009 he made a triumphant return to GMTV, hosting a three-week-long special, and releasing an autobiography!

Image The World News

In it, he dove into his upbringing in Jamaica and his rise to stardom as a fitness instructor and wellbeing coach. He even tried briefly to break into the music scene in 2012 but has since shelved that particular dream. Today, you’ll find him busying himself with charity work or helping people with multiple sclerosis get active.

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