YOU MIGHT NOT BELIEVE THIS: Here’s What Your Favorite 80s Fitness Stars Look Like Now

Lizzie Webb – Back In the 80s

Lizzie Webb, known by her fans as “Mad Lizzie” gained national fame after making her debut on the morning television program, Good Morning Britain. Throughout the 80s and 90s, she became widely recognized and loved for her energetic attitude and her casual, pajama-like, fitness ensembles.

Following her debut, Webb created a total of nine popular exercise videos including Pop Dance with Lizzie and Shake-out with Lizzie. She also wrote eight books. She is most known for her time starring in a children’s television show, Joggy Bear, which premiered at the end of the 80s. The show involved Lizzie and a bear mascot named Joggy teaching children about the importance of staying fit.

Lizzie Webb – Today

Since her time “shaking it out” and staying fit with a human-sized bear, Webb has not strayed from her fitness-loving ways. Today, she has partnered up with Olympic rowing silver medalist, Debbie Flood to run an organization that goes by the name Creativity in Sport.

According to the program’s website, Creativity in Sport was created “to enable pupils in primary and secondary schools to acquire knowledge with a kinaesthetic approach to learning.” The goal of the program is to provide young adults with the qualifications to integrate exercise, sport, and dance into a regular school curriculum.

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