Top 10 World’s Highest-paid Comedians: Guess Which South African Soared In 2017?

Move over Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld has regained his crown and the number one spot on the Forbes list of world’s highest-paid comedians 2017.
Yes, the king of comedy is back. According to the recent list published by the magazine, the multi-talented comedian raked in $69m between June 2016 and June 2017. This comes after finishing No. 2 on last year’s list of the world’s highest-paid comedians, a title he had held for 10 years.
Royalties from his 90s comedy, two exclusive stand-up specials and new episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix all played their respective parts in boosting his earnings. Following Seinfeld on the list is Chris Rock, with earnings amounting to $57 million. Rock’s appearance on the list is somewhat groundbreaking as he hasn’t appeared on the highest-paid celebrities list for almost 10 years.
Just like Seinfeld, Rock has Netflix to thank for a good part of his very fat paycheck. His record-breaking deal of $20 million-per-special with Netflix has pushed him up the list.
After Chris Rock managed to secure the juicy contract, Seinfeld followed suit. Rock signed the same deal with Netflix as Seinfeld and will be doing two stand-up specials for the online streaming service. He raked in $20 million for each show. His other big revenue stream is the Total Blackout Tour.
Rounding up the top 3 on the list is Louis C.K. who brought in $52. Notably, last year’s top earner Kevin Hart dropped to number six on the list with $32.5m. His last year shine was largely due to his global year-long comedy tour. Hart did over 100 shows, with each earning him an average of $1 million.
Dave Chapelle is another top comedian who made the list at NO. 4 with earnings of $47 million, thanks to earnings from the same Netflix deal Rock and Seinfeld signed. He will be doing three stand-up specials for $20 million (R265,57 million) per show.

According to Forbes, Chapelle has only been paid for two of the shows so far.

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10. Sebastian Maniscalco, $15m