El Salvador is a country rich in resources, beautiful in landscapes and especially one of the most overcrowded in all of Central America, with 6,300 million inhabitants.

However, in this beautiful country, there is a 1% that has handle more than $ 20,000 Million dollars. We compile the richest people in El Salvador in full 2019.

10.Rolando Molina

Rolando Alberto Argueta-Molina [1] (born August 13, 1971) is a Latin American actor.

Molina was born in El Salvador and emigrated to the United States at a very young age. The family settled in Los Angeles. Addressed by Edward James Olmos while working as a security guard at Universal Studios one day; Rolando caught Olmos’s attention and asked him to audition for his new movie. His acting debut was (a cameo) in the Olmos project at that time; American Me (1992).

He has also participated in other films such as Menace II Society (1993), Mojave Moon (1996), The Rich Man’s Wife (1996), Next Friday (2000), Crazy / Beautiful (2001), Party Animalz (2004) and Six. Thugs (2006). He also made special appearances at Desperate Housewives as the biological father of Gabrielle Solís legal daughter, Juanita.