Top 10 Richest People in Bermuda as at June 2019 & Their Net worth

09. Kim Swan – $910 million

Hubert “Kim” E. Swan (born 4 October 1957) is a Bermudian professional golfer and politician. He was reelected for the Progressive Labour Party (PLP) in July 2017. He was a Member of Parliament from 2007 to 2012, where he was Leader of the Opposition of Bermuda from 21 January 2008 until 16 May 2011. He also served as a UBP Senator from 1998–2007.

Swan learned the game of golf from his uncle, Herman Santucci Bascome, a former golf pro at Ocean View Golf Course in Bermuda, while growing up at the newly developed government-owned Port Royal Golf Course in the early 1970s. He was a member of the then Palm Beach Junior College golf team led by Ken Green, which finished 4th in the State Junior College Championship in 1978, before joining Troy State University golf team. Individually, he won medalist honours at the Northeast Louisiana University Invitational at Chenault Park Municipal Golf Course in Monroe, Louisiana. He played under legendary golf coach Mike Griffin at Troy. He led the Troy team that placed 4th in the 1979 NCAA Division II Golf Championship at El Macero Country Club in Davis, California, and was named Troy’s MVP in 1979.

Following two years as an Independent, first as an unsuccessful Independent Candidate in the 2012 General Election, Swan accepted an invitation from Leader of The Opposition Marc Bean to join the Progressive Labour Party in 2014.

Initially, Swan contested four general elections over 25 years before winning a seat in the House of Assembly of Bermuda in December 2007. He served in the Senate of Bermuda as a UBP nominee for 9 years (1998–2007), became Opposition Senate Leader in 2001, and served as Senate Leader under four Opposition Leaders, until his election to the Bermuda House of Assembly at the 2007 election. He became party leader, and on 21 January 2008 became Leader of the Opposition, a position he held until 16 May 2011.

UBP was in merger negotiations with the Bermuda Democratic Alliance; and, following the Central Council’s 3 May 2011 vote to disband the UBP, several general members of UBP expressed concern that there was no special general meeting on the issue in any of the party’s 36 branches. Swan and others petitioned the party executive to hold a public meeting, but their pleas were ignored. When he and the others attempted to convene a dispute tribunal under Section 13 of the UBP constitution, they were also ignored. On 10 May 2011, Swan, three other former party chairmen and others successfully filed a court injunction preventing UBP from disbanding.

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