At the highest level, soccer players are some of the highest earning athletes in the world. As such, they often have cash to burn and their extravagant purchases sometimes make the news, particularly the more eccentric stars of the game. The taste of some players’ purchases are often called into question, and their homes are no different. Some of the stars on this list have properties which could perhaps be kindly described as ‘quirky’.

Unsurprisingly, this list is almost exclusively made up of well-known stars of the game, who have played in Europe’s major leagues for a number of years and accumulated considerable wealth. All of the players on this list are or were at one point full internationals and with the vast majority having spent five or more years at one of Europe’s top teams.

The list is made up by a number of criteria; including cost, appearance, features and eccentricity. The list features some of the wealthiest players in Brazil

10. Neymar


Being only 23 years old and still a young star in the game, it’s likely Neymar hasn’t purchased the best home of his life yet, but for now his Barcelona home is one any young adult can enjoy. The place costs over $20,000 a month to rent, but with Neymar’s salary near $8 million a year, it’s enough for Neymar to comfortably rent this home. The place is close to the beach in Barcelona’s Pedralbes region. This is already a gem of a home, but it’s likely that Neymar will upgrade on this one in the next few years.