Here Are the Top 10 Richest People in Dominican Republic and their Net worth not forgetting their source of wealth. The richest people in Dominican Republic: How they became Dominican Republican Billionaires and millionaires.

The following Forbes list of Dominican Republican billionaires is based on an annual assessment of wealth and assets compiled and published by Forbes magazine in 2019

10 Dominican Republican made it into the FORBES list The FORBES list is an annual ranking of the world’s billionaires. It measures and lists all wealthy people earning + 1 Billion US Dollars.

The FORBES List is based on an estimated wealth taking company shares, real estates, art objects or luxury goods such as yachts into consideration.

10. Héctor José Rizek Llabaly – $900k

Position: President of Rizek Cacao SAS

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Countries where they operate: Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

Exports: United States, Europe and Asia

09. Ramón Báez Romano – US $ 1 Billion

Ramón Báez Romano listed in Dominican Republic wealthy rankings. Ramón Báez Romano estimated net worth is US $ 1 Billion and he is ranked at No. 9 in the list of top 10 richest people in Dominican Republic as appeared in financial magazines such as Forbes and Bloomberg 2019.

Ramón Báez Romano is a businessman, politician and sportsman of the Dominican Republic. Coming from one of the most influential families in the Dominican Republic.