10. Jamaluddin Jarjis – US $ 3.8 million

Jamaluddin Jarjis Net Worth Earnings Salary Assets and Investments for 2019 as listed by Forbes.Jamaluddin Jarjis estimated net worth made him ranked number 10 in the list of the top 10 richest person in Malaysia as appeared in financial magazines such as Forbes and Bloomberg 2019. Jamaluddin Jarjis net worth has grown significantly overtime making him the 9th richest politician in Malaysia.

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Ir. Hj. Jamaluddin bin Mohd. Jarjis was the Malaysian politician and the Malaysian special diplomat to the United States. Jamaluddin Jarjis was the minister of science and technology and also the chairman of the Malaysian people housing. He was also elected as the member of the UMNO supreme council in 2000 and the member of the parliament since 1990 until his death.

Jamaluddin Jarjis was killed in 2015 including the Tan Huat and the Azlin Alias who is the private secretary of PM office. Jamaluddin Jarjis has left the US $ 3.8 million for his family.

09. Jeff Ooi Net Worth – US $ 4 million

Who is Jeff Ooi and what is Jeff Ooi Net Worth Salary and earnings 2019.Jeff Ooi estimated net worth is US $ 4 million and he is ranked in the last at 9th position in the list of top 10 richest person of Malaysia. How much is Jeff Ooi worth 2019 according to Forbes.

Chuan Aun better known as Jeff Ooi is said to be on of Malaysian politician and by profession he is the information technology consultant, photographer and an ex-blogger.

Born 2 November 1955 Jeff Ooi initially entered in to politics in the year 2006 and the current member of the Malaysian parliament from the DAP and was elected in the 2008 Malaysian general elections.