03. Jorge Paulo Lemann – $24.2 Billion

Jorge Paulo Lemann (born August 26, 1939)[4] is a Swiss Brazilian businessman. As of June 2019, Lemann was ranked as the 36th richest person in the world by Bloomberg, with an estimated net worth of US$24.6 billion.

Lemann married twice and has six children, three with his first wife and three with his second wife Susanna. He usually spends his time between São Paulo, Rapperswil-Jona on Lake Zurich, where his family lives, and St. Louis.

In 1999, several gunmen attempted to kidnap his children on their way to school. The incident prompted Lemann to relocate permanently to Switzerland.[ According to a report,” his children still attended school that day and Lemann was only a little late to the office.”

Lemann rarely gives interviews or appears publicly, and is little known in the United States. However, according to Bloomberg, in Brazil, Lemann is considered a “business-class hero”, “the wiry, white-haired conglomerateur who’s part Buffett, part Sam Walton, part Roger Federer.”

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