OFFICIAL BLOOMBERG LIST: Top 10 Richest People in Saint Lucia & Their Net Worth, As At June 2019

5. Vaughan Lewis – $ 21 million

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Sir Vaughan Allen Lewis, KCSL CBE (born May 17, 1940)[1] is a Saint Lucian politician and a former member of the United Workers’ Party (UWP). He served for a brief period as the fourth Prime Ministers of Saint Lucia following the resignation of John Compton. Lewis, a former director of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, assumed the office of Prime Minister on April 2, 1996. He also served as Minister of Finance, Planning and Development, and Minister of External Affairs. In elections that followed on May 23, 1997, Lewis and the UWP suffered a huge setback, losing all but one of their seats in Parliament, forcing him to resign in favor of the leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, Dr. Kenny Anthony.

Compton defeated Lewis for the UWP leadership in a party conference in Soufrière on March 13, 2005. Compton received 260 votes against 135 for Lewis.

Following this defeat, Lewis resigned from the United Workers Party and joined the Saint Lucia Labour Party. On 7 September 2006, the executive of the Saint Lucia Labour Party endorsed Dr. Vaughan Lewis as its candidate for the Castries Central constituency in the December 2006 general election.

Lewis’ defection to Labour was controversial. After losing two general elections in a row, Lewis had the opportunity to win the Castries Central seat in a February 2006 by-election. He then told UWP supporters first that he was the endorsed candidate. He then told them that he was taking time to make up his mind.

Finally, he quit the UWP all together and said that he was no longer interested in electoral politics. However, Lewis had been in talks with high-ranking members of the Saint Lucia Labour Party about his defection since he was defeated by Compton in the leadership contest.

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