Forbes Releases Top 10 Richest People in Papua New Guinea 2017, Check Out Who Made it to number one

10. John Laws

Richard John Sinclair Laws, CBE (born 8 August 1935), an Australian radio presenter, sometimes known as Lawsie, was from the 1970s until his retirement in 2007, the host of a hugely successful morning radio program, which mixed music with interviews, opinion, live advertising readings and listener talkback. His distinctive voice earned him the nickname the Golden Tonsils.

Despite retiring in 2007, Laws’ management confirmed in November 2010 that he would be returning to radio in February 2011, as the host of a morning programme on 2SM and the Super Radio Network.


  1. Bulshit analysis. Not true at all. There are more richer Papua New Guineans than these ones presented.

  2. So he only as 5kids?? What about the others with his other wife or whatever he calls them to be.

  3. There are more rich Papua New Guineans than these. Many are self made millionaires. You haven’t searched deep enough.

  4. couldn’t believe the Top PNG sportsman are on the list. It was supposed to be more politicians and Business man and woman.

  5. Be real and post their net worth as in how much they are worth. Looks like you don’t have that data but are guessing. Sorry I can’t buy this.

  6. How were these people’s wealth calculated?

  7. Total rubbish you need to do good research. We have more tycoons in the country than that list.

  8. I don’t believe this. You need to do an in-depth research to public a more accurate list on PNG. By the way, can you post their networth to substantiate your claim???

  9. Can’t believe this.

  10. Pekpek desperade guess work.

  11. This list is of no sense at all how can we have our top sports men there while theres so many business men and women out there which their wealth are much above whats in your list ..Just do a much in depth research before u put it out..We all are from PNG and this list is not making sense at all..

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