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This usually starts from the day of admission to the day of actual discharge due to the important role it plays in patient’s recovery. She and family were prepared towards discharge through effective education. They were informed that she will return home after a satisfactory recovery. They were educated on the need to take nutritious diet and to avoid spicy foods since it is not good for her health. She was advised to take a lot of water with her medication. She was also educated on the need to refrain from over the counter drugs. They were advised on the need for periodic check ups on their health at the nearest health centre to detect any risk factors of some conditions that may be a threat to their lives on late recovery. She was advised on the need to honour her follow up visit to the hospital.

Follow up, home visit and continuity of care is a nursing activity that gives the nurse an opportunity to enter the patient’s home for a purpose to ensure continuity of care. The aim of these visits is to prevent complications, relapse, promote and maintain health. It is important in nursing care because it gives the nurse an opportunity to observe the environmental condition and also to liaise with public health nursing about the possible predisposing factors and management and prevention of the patient’s condition.


The visit was scheduled with her relatives on the fourth day of her hospitalization and I accompanied them to their house.  The home visit was done whiles client was still on admission. My main objective was to get used to the home environment in order to assess the home situation and identify any possible factors that may be the cause of a health problem and resources available to employ them for the care of patient.

 On getting to the house we were welcomed by the rest of the members of the house. I was offered a seat and Madam R. A’s daughter introduced me as a student nurse who is taking care of her mother at the hospital. They all thanked me for my work. I introduced myself again as a final year student nurse of Nurse’s Training College, Ho and I also explained the purpose of my visit to their house. It was obvious that Madam R.A has a cordial relationship with everybody in the house because of their reaction towards me.

I was oriented to the house by my patient’s daughter. The house is a compound house made up of 4 rooms, one big space as their kitchen, one bathroom and a toilet. The house was built with cement, roofed with iron sheet and connected to electricity. The whole appearance of the house is very clean except the kitchen area where things were placed anyhow. The house has its own pipe borne water. They dispose solid waste in the community disposal container which is a walking distance from the house. They dispose off liquid waste in the house gutter which pours into a main gutter in the area. My patient’s room was well kept, had good lightening and was well ventilated with two big windows facing the direction of the wind.


I congratulated them on their efforts to keep the house neat. I educated them on my patient’s condition, the causes, the management and also prevention. I moved on to educate them on hygiene measures especially hand washing before eating and after visiting the toilet, washing of fruits and vegetables before eating and also eating warm foods.

I informed them that Madam R.A will be discharged home very soon and that they should restrict her from doing stressful activities so that she can rest, support her physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. I thanked them and informed them about my next visit that will be after she has been discharged from the hospital. They thanked me and said goodbye, I was escorted to the roadside where I boarded a taxi and left.


My second visit was made on 18th November, 2019. The visit was made four days after the discharge of my patient. The purpose of the visit was to find out how my patient and family were doing, reinforce the review date, to see if patient was taking her medications, to know whether they are doing as they were told and to ensure continuity of care.

I was welcomed by the entire household when I reached the house and they were all happy to see me. I was offered a seat and they congratulated me on my effort towards the recovery of Madam R.A. In conversation with my patient and family, I realised that my patient was active and looked healthy. I inspected her medications to see if she was taking them as expected which she did. I encouraged patient on the need to drink enough water, eat nutritious diet like banku with groundnut soup, rice with kontomire stew and fruits like watermelon, apple, banana. I also stressed on the need for her to eat on time.

The whole household were also educated on the importance of going to the health centre on time and frequently when they fall sick. I reminded them of the review date and its importance, and again the need for her to take her medications as ordered and eat on time.

I informed them that my next visit will be the end of our official interaction. I thanked them and bade them goodbye. The nearest health facility close to the family is Royal Hospital.


My third home visit was on 25th November, 2019. It was purposely to find out if the health education on her condition were taken by patient, to assess patient’s health status and to officially terminate the care. I was welcomed by the entire household and offered a seat.

During my observation and assessment, through interaction with patient and family was positive and has rendered her fully recovered. I congratulated Madam R.A on honouring the review date. She told me when she visited the hospital she was put on medication. I inspected the medication and it was Nugel O (15ml bd for 5 days). The drug regimen was explained to her and she was encouraged to take enough water, eat nutritious diet and fruits and also to eat on time. They were again encouraged to visit the nearest health facility when they fall sick.


The environment was neat as usual and I congratulated them on their efforts. It was revealed to them that they have done well in keeping themselves and the environment clean. I thanked my patient and family for their cooperation during the writing of my care study and giving me all the information needed that helped me in my writing.

I informed her that even though it was the last home visit, her address has been given out to the Public Health Centre in the community so that they can visit her whenever they come to the community for home visit. Madam R.A and family expressed their profound gratitude for the care rendered to them both at the hospital and at home. I thanked them and  bade them goodbye.

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