2017 Top 10 Richest Athletes In Malaysia And The Expensive Cars They Drive That You Never Know Of

10. Safee Sali

OFFICIAL FORBES LIST: Top 10 Richest Athletes of Malaysia In 2017

10. Safee Sali Safee Sali is also the Malaysian professional football player and last in the list of top 10 richest athletes of Malaysia with an estimated net worth of US $ 1.3 million. He also played for Darul Takzim in the Malaysian super league and also the most prominent member of the Malaysian national […]

Top 10 South African Soccer Players And Their Must See Houses you never know of

Have you ever wondered about where your favourite soccer players stay and how their houses look like?Well, we usually get the opportunity to see houses belonging to international players and sometimes, those of top African soccer players. So this time, we managed to find a number of pics showing homes that are actually owned by […]

14 South African Soccer Players And Their Wives/Girlfriends You never Knew Of

South African Soccer Players And Their Girlfriends are always the cutest of relationships. They shower each other with gift and public posts about each other affection and believe us . Its always good to see our soccer players playing and show off  their better half. Check out  South African Soccer Players And Their Girlfriends. 1. […]

Lista oficial de Forbes 2017: Las 10 personas más ricas de Colombia

10. Fernando Botero Fernando Botero Angulo (nacido el 19 de abril de 1932) es un artista y escultor colombiano figurativo. Nacido en Medellín, su estilo característico, también conocido como “Boterismo”, representa personas y figuras en un volumen grande y exagerado, que puede representar crítica política o humor, dependiendo de la pieza. Es considerado el artista […]

2017 Top 10 Players with most Champions League Trophies; Xavi is No 1

These are the Players with most Champions League medals and titles in the world currently. Players with most Champions League wins titles and medals? Which player has won the most Champions League titles? Who has won the most Champions League medals? Which player with most Champions League medals? It’s the best trophy you can win […]

OFFICIAL: The Ten Most Beautiful University Campuses in South Africa in 2017

South Africa’s universities are among its most beautiful public buildings. Take a tour around Mzansi in mortarboard and robes with our roll call of higher ed beauties.   10. UNISA The University of the Cape of Good Hope (UCGH) is established in 1873. The UCGH was incorporated into Unisa, and became the first examining university […]

2017 Top 10 Highest Paid Footballers In South Africa ; Check Out Which Position Tshabalala is

Soccer is a sport that is loved and watched across the world. Soccer is not only loved but it has become a rich business sector. South Africa’s premier soccer league is the seventh biggest earner of sponsorship revenue among football leagues world wide. Below are the Top 10 Highest paid footballers in South Africa … 10. […]

11 Ways South African Students Cheat In Exams; Number 2 will Shock You!

Examination malpractice is something that happens all over the world. It’s a global issue. Below are 11 ways South African students cheat in exams, whether Grade 9, Grade 10, 11 or even University exams. CLICK NEXT TO READ MORE

These Are Top 9 Expensive Universities In South Africa In 2017

Whiles thinking of getting enrolled in a University in South Africa, fees per universities keeps rising day in day out. Though some months back, students in some of the Universities embarked on a demonstartion against increment in fees, as it stands now still most of the fees for tertiary education is a much watch. With […]

2017 LIST: Top 6 Highest Earning Goalkeepers in South Africa’s Premier Soccer League | Number 1 will shock you

In as much as we follow our various clubs during match days in our beautiful Premier Soccer league, today we took time out of our normal daily updates with sports news about our league to getting to know how much our various goalkeepers at their respective clubs are paid. Below is a list of top […]

OFFICIAL: Forbes Releases Top 4 Richest Billionaire Women In Africa In 2017| The New Addition Will Shock You!

As the saying goes ‘’what a man can do, a woman can do and even do it better’’. Well mostly on the African scene all that we do hear are the richest billionaire men on our rich continent. Have you ever asked yourself the question that do we have richest billionaire women on our continent? […]