Unless you’re a true fitness nut, finding the motivation to exercise regularly can be a real struggle. Constantly battling the urge to laze around instead of hopping to the gym is challenge that we all face – you’re either too tired, don’t have the time, it’s too hot, or you’ll just do it tomorrow.

One way to inspire yourself to get out of that cycle of laziness is to opt for a workout session that’s both intense and fun at the same time. Forget the boring, dreary treadmill and take up something exhilarating instead!

Here are some fun ways for all of us city rats to keep fit:

1. Fly Yoga


Also known as aerial yoga, this form of the ancient exercise incorporates elements of acrobatics to focus on bettering coordination and concentration. The use of a silk, hammock-like fabric is perfect for core balancing and body weight training. So if you want to try an unconventional version of yoga, sign up for fly yoga class.

In KL, some places that offer fly yoga classes are Aravind Yoga and Dream Dance Studio.