Dato’ Maznah Hamid (Securiforce)

Maznah Hamid’s story of success can be likened in some respects to that of Tony Fernandes. She acquired a near bankrupt security company along with her husband for RM5000.  Subsequently, Maznah found that running her newly acquired company required taking on a vast array of taxing roles including clerk, accountant as well as manager! Though she and her husband were compelled to move into a slum in order to allow their business to expand, their gamble paid off and today Securiforce has attained a highly respected position of eminence for providing a wide variety of security services, including the safeguarding of transported money, jewelry and VIPs. Maznah has recently attempted to expand into several other sectors including healthcare, hospitality and logistics. Maznah’s hard work, diligence, and achievements are emboldened when one considers that she succeeded in an industry almost wholly dominated by men in Malaysia.

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