08. Cherub College

Cherub College is a private non-profit college that is the educational arm of the Independent Episcopal Church that was founded in 1999 with one goal: To prepare students for a successful future. Today, we are recognized as a leader in providing a focused, career-oriented, and quality education that integrates the classroom with real-world experiences. We offer an array of Bachelor’s degree programmes in several disciplines.

As a college, Cherub focuses on developing the person as a whole through a broad education. In requiring our students to learn in several disciplines, we aim to produce graduates who are aware, perceptive, critical, and creative. It also gives students the tools that they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Cherub College’s founder, The Honourable Dr. Joan Rolle-King, who also served as the institution’s first President, returned to the Bahamas and recognized the need for a state-of-the-art private tertiary institution to serve the needs of Bahamian students. Since it’s humble beginnings, and three Presidents’ later, Cherub continues to flourish as an institution of choice for students in The Bahamas.

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