Here is a list of Singapore Celebrities with University Degrees & Diplomas! Whether you’re famous and bigger than the entertainment industry, it never hurts to have a backup plan. We often wonder how the rich and famous got to be where they are today. A university qualification comes in handy in every day life and these celebrities prove it.

Many successful entertainers like Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo Dicaprio and even local celebrities like Tabitha Nauser and Felicia Chin didn’t finish their education. Even singer Joel Tan (Gentle Bones) is considering dropping out of university to pursue his music.

Little surprise, then, that many well-known Singaporean celebrities have also pursued graduate degrees. But while some went for the obvious educational path. We’ve listed Singaporean celebrities who have university qualifications to their names. See if your favourite Singaporean celebrity is listed.

05.Tay Ping Hui

Ping Hui has been a household name in the local entertainment industry since 1999. The star of several famous Channel 8 dramas like C.I.D. and Mars vs Venus has an impressive Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Economics and Political Science from NUS.

Even more interesting is the fact that before his acting career took off, he was the general manager of Subway Singapore.