2019 RANKING: Top 8 Affordable Places In Singapore that you can buy get Zi Char to Buy

Top 8 Zi Char Places in Singapore and Price Range. 8 of the best zi char places around Singapore | 10 Delicious Zi Char in Singapore That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet | Here’s where to get delicious comfort food and unique speciality dishes that keep you coming back for more.

Do you tend to order the same couple of dishes every time you go to a zi char place? Even though you know it’s a safe choice that always tastes good, it’d be nice to try something new once in a while, wouldn’t it? No matter the occasion, there is always reliable zi char to fall back on. Check out all these drool-worthy zi char dishes.

08.Kok Sen Restaurant

Zi char institution Kok Sen stood resolute on Keong Saik Road even as the area around it has morphed through the ages. Its key? Good food. We find out more. While “Kau Kee” – which the eating house is sometimes known by – is taken from the name of the restaurant founder, “Kok Sen” is the name of the founder’s son. Currently helmed by Chris Wong of the third generation, the restaurant is located a few doors away from its previous address.

Must try: We’ve seen regular yong tau foo, we’ve seen it stir fried, but claypot yong tau foo takes it to a whole other level. It’s all in the gravy, which is complex with notes of sweetness, salt, smokiness, and a hint of spice that keeps you coming back for more.

Where: 30-32 Keong Saik Road | Tel: 62232005 | Opening hours: 12pm-2.30pm, 5pm-11.30pm, closed every alternate Monday | Who: Chris Wong